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and our outlook is great,
we’re taking Radd with us.”

Mosaic Document Solutions
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Application Development

Ruby on Rails

A simple website CMS, a customer-facing app for a startup, a highly-integrated, ground-up ERP infrastructure build, and everything Ruby on Rails in between. For more than a decade, we’ve succeeded with every project, and we can succeed with yours. Learn More

Mobile Development

Yes, the world is hot for mobile right now. And, so are we.

We’re conversant in iOS and Android. We embrace HTML5 and Mobile Web. But, perhaps what differentiates us, is that we’re more interested in what you’re trying to achieve with mobile than we are in any one technology. Learn More

Technology Advisory Services

Our toolkit- today’s technology.

When the technology landscape is changing at such a dramatic pace, it’s a full-time job (and then some) to keep up. Our tech consulting practice is designed to assist you in your planning and implementation so you can focus on your day job. Learn More